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We get that sometimes the Church can be intimidating and confusing.  Our goal is to help you find God and begin to follow him.  If you don't feel like a church person or aren't too sure about this whole Jesus thing, Great! The first 12 people to start following Jesus were a pretty strange bunch and didn't know what exactly to think of him at first either.  So join us! You are in good company. 



We are a team of passionate followers of God who believe that you were created for life with God.  If all this sounds strange you are in the right place.  We have all come from a place of feeling without hope, lonely, angry, afraid and constantly thinking that “there must be more than this.”  Or maybe you are new to faith and could use help knowing where to begin and how to grow your faith.  We are here to help. 


Find God

This whole journey starts with meeting Jesus. 

We believe that the best life is found in relationship with him.  If you don't know Jesus then we would love to introduce you. 

Follow God

Finding God is the first step, then you get to follow.

The Bible is full of stories of people whose lives were radically changed after they met Jesus.  This is our story and it can be yours too.

Share My Story

Are you are new to following God? Or have been following him for years?

We would love to hear your story! Share your story with us and we would love to share them on our blog and podcast.

Ready to 
begin the journey?


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